For a while, we have been rather silent online and on social media.

Yet, we weren’t passive – our silence was of a reflective as well as productive kind – and much has happened:

Since 2018 the company has re-structured, become nimbler and now simply operates in my name. Funding for research and international support have allowed me time to reflect, explore unknown territory and learn new skills. Consequently, I directed and edited several short films in 2019/20 and am currently working on a film- and installation-based exhibition.

When Covid hit, it temporarily derailed company plans, as it sadly did and continues to do for so many. We were in the middle of planning an interactive exhibition with participation programme under the motto ‘Do Touch’! Over the past months, we have been re-thinking, re-imagining and re-planning to present you a different but no lesser and maybe forcibly even more inventive project next year. With its digital means of realisation and a subject matter of constant change being the only certainty in our lives, Lost & Found seems more relevant and current than we could have ever imagined when we first embarked on this project.

As we all find ourselves on a journey into the unknown, we hope you will join us some part of the way. To keep up to date with where this journey takes us join our mailing list, keep tuning into this site or follow us on social media. We look forward to your companionship.

Photo credit: © Gyl Gadiffert