Future plans and research 


Future Plans

In May 2022 von Stockert will take on the role of artistic director of Expérience 49, a new cross-artform company in Maine et Loire, France. Situated in a rural location in Baugé en Anjou, von Stockert is planning to develop Expérience 49 into a thriving arts organisation that creates and tours innovative, contemporary work locally, nationally and internationally. Whether on film, on stage or in galleries and unusual performance spaces, Expérience 49 aims to inspire and to bring together diverse groups of artists and local residents to research and create beyond art-form categories and and cultural, social and national boundaries.

Ongoing Research

In 2018 von Stockert undertook a research project that evolved her practice of creating physical dialogues between the human body, objects and environments by integrating disabled performers and their mobility tools. Wheelchairs, prosthetics, natural materials, architecture and landscape features merged and collided, were de- and reconstructed questioning pre-conceptions and exploring new perspectives. Von Stockert is planning to continue this research – the evolution of the inclusive nature of the company and its work is ongoing. 

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Photo credits: Stills taken from rehearsal footage. 

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