Professional Development 

Dancers, actors, musicians, circus and visual artists of a wide age range, have, through their relationships with the company, further developed their skill-sets and vice versa developed the company’s expertise, due to the inclusive, collaborative, shared practice model at the heart of von Stockert’s creative ethos.

Working across different art-forms and contexts – site-responsively, in-and outdoors, on stage, film and in galleries – von Stockert passes on her motivation and experience of creating in a large variety of settings, whilst also infecting others with her persistent thirst for exploring the unknown and seeking the apparently impossible.

Von Stockert draws in long-term collaborators as well as new talent, from the under 20s to over 60s, from diverse backgrounds and is inspired by the complexity and richness of a wide variety of viewpoints and life experiences. She shares her expertise and encourages others to further develop their own creative voices, whether mentoring, holding seminars and talks, leading research projects with university students, or working with her company.

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Top line photo credits left to right: Tiago Oliviera, Nuno Santos, Nuno Santos, Thomas Zanon-Larcher
Bottom line photo credits left to right: Jerome Boyer, Nuno Santos, Merlin Hendy, David Morris

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