As the last month of the year approaches, an update on what has happened in 2023 is timely :

In 2023, eight artistic residencies took place in situ in a historical monument that forms part of the Hôtel Dieu of Baugé-en-Anjou, the filming location of my ongoing work Venu et Parti.

As the building awaits a new chapter in its long history, Venu et Parti brings its inspiring rooms and corridors back to life, with the intention of making it accessible to a wider audience by presenting it from new perspectives, both on film and on stage.

What has been explored during these brief artistic residencies in 2023 has laid the foundations for what is to follow over the next two years: several filming periods that will result in the audio-visual exhibition Venu et Parti, a documentary as well as a work for the stage. I thank the wonderful team of artists and technicians that are collaborating with me on this long-term project!

The local engagement programme linked to Venu et Parti consisted of several presentations of the project to the inhabitants of Baugé-en-Anjou, meetings between residents and the artistic and technical team, and workshop programmes for people of all ages and backgrounds, including
* a programme of intergenerational workshops last spring which introduced the team of professional dancers to local participants ;
* a programme of workshops for parents and their children at the film site in Baugé; and
* the ongoing programme of intergenerational workshops which started in Vaulandry in November, continues in December this year and will finish in February 2024 in Clefs. We hope to see you there!

Expérience 49’s participation programme will continue to evolve next year. In 2024, we will offer an ambitious year-long programme of cultural offers and opportunities. To be informed of upcoming workshops and participation possibilities subscribe to our mailing list!