Current Work 

Von Stockert’s new work Come & Gone is currently in the making. The multi-sensory project, consisting of contemporary dance and short films embedded in sound and installations, will provoke reflection on the inevitability of change and how we make sense of it.

Come & Gone features an intergenerational group of performers in poignant play with materials, site and weather. Integrating abandoned sites, natural environments and object installations as well as the architecture of the presentation space itself, the project distils to a singular essence what von Stockert has drawn from each of those contexts in one body of work.

Come & Gone is the last in a triptych of works that began with the outdoor piece, Belonging(s), and was followed by the stage work, Constructions of Thin Air. The three works differ greatly in form, content and concept, yet they share common ground: They are reflections on the ephemerality of our existence and environment, and the constantly shifting notion of home, family and identity as it evolves with age and circumstance. Von Stockert plays with different layers of interpretation: the microcosm of the family nucleus with its complex relationships, losses and longings is as present as the reflection on global issues such as the displacement and migration of people.

Come & Gone is a long-term project that keeps evolving with additional partners and collaborators joining as its journey continues.
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Top line photo credits left to right: Maresa von Stockert, Maresa von Stockert, Gyl Gadiffert
Bottom line photo credits left to right: Gyl Gadiffert, Gyl Gadiffert, Jeremy Cox 

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