Von Stockert’s promenade piece Belonging(s) is one of many examples of the company’s work with diverse communities. Over 400 participants were involved in the development, creation and performances of this site-responsive outdoor work which was tailor-made for each of the locations on its national and international tour from 2015 to 2017. Community participation played a key part of the research process and later in the live performances that integrated local communities who performed alongside the professional cast. A broad variety of groups participated in research, workshops and/or performances, including intergenerational ‘Open Call Groups’ with age ranges from teens to those in their 80’s, school children, a Tamil community group, dance groups for the over 60’s, young people with special educational needs, craft groups, people in care homes and university students.

Feedback from participants:

“Lovely to be part of an intergenerational dance company, to be treated as equal, visible, with dignity and respect. Yes, I had enormous fun! »
Open call group participant, Brighton Festival, May 2016

« Wondrous. I study migration – Thank you for showing me such a different angle to a topic I have spent so much time on. »
Open call group participant, Norfolk and Norwich Festival, May 2016

« I think it’s important it’s happening in Hounslow because we don’t really do like that many big events in Hounslow, it’s not that overrated a town, so doing this in Hounslow is like bringing up the reputation and kind of showing to everyone how we come together no matter what race or religion we are. »
Participant, Tamil Community Group, Hounslow, June 2016

“I am still treasuring wonderful memories from my time with Belonging[s]. THE ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT OF 2017.”
Open call group participant, Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, June 2017

 » l didn’t think it was possible to have such a laugh with cardboard boxes. Any other workshops you run in the future please consider us. Thank you for a brilliant opportunity. »
Sheltered housing manager, Ipswich, 2014

« Excellent professional directing, crew and experience. Accessible, encouraging and friendly company. Innovative, thought-provoking content. Thank you. »
Participant Open Call Group, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, May 2016

« I had a fantastic time working with Tilted Productions and enjoyed the opportunity to work with a wide range of performers, with props and within different locations. I hope that there will be future opportunities to work in some capacity with Tilted Productions again. »
Open call group participant, Brighton Festival, May 2016

« I thoroughly enjoyed the first workshop we did in February and was looking forward to last week’s. It didn’t disappoint! I have never been involved with anything like this before and couldn’t believe how quickly the time went. Using the records and boxes is weird and wonderful and I’m loving it. Can’t wait till the performance. »  
Participant from 55+ dance group ‘Elderberries’ (now called Encore Dance), Ipswich 2015