In different blogs throughout this year, I will present the invaluable team of performers and collaborators I am working with on the second phase of Venu et Parti in 2023, starting with:

Jeremy Cox – technical director and AV specialist :

Studies: BMus (Bachelor of Music Degree) and his MMus (Master of Music Degree) in ethnomusicology at Goldsmith College, University of London, UK. Following his graduation, he taught on the Music Technology course at Goldsmith College and Radio Production at Guildhall University, London.

In 2000 he set up Big Box Productions Ltd, a complex of 12 recording studios in London, and ran a music and sound production company. Since then he has worked as a freelance composer, engineer and sound designer on numerous dance, theatre, film and exhibition projects.

He has also recorded over 30 albums of music in many different styles. He has worked on four feature films and documentaries as a sound designer, dubbing engineer and mixing engineer, including The Age of Stupid and Mirrormask.

In addition, Jeremy Cox has worked as a stage manager for live performances, concerts and exhibitions. He is experienced in the whole production process, from sound and lighting to video production, and has worked with many visual artists and choreographers.

He has worked in both the public and private sector as a video projection and sound installer including TV Channel 4, The Wapping Project, Glastonbury Festival, London Jazz Festival, South Bank Centre London Meltdown Festival, Meta in New York and Milan and Tavistock Film Festival, London. He has installed numerous video projection screens, sound systems and soundscapes for arts organisations, galleries and corporate events.

At The Wapping Project he worked as a freelance post-production supervisor and gallery installation technician for ten years, working with Elina Brotherus, Angus Boulton, Billy Cowie, Lech Majewski, Peter Marlow, Maresa von Stockert, The Finnish institute, Margaret Williams, Jules Wright and Thomas Zanon-Larcher amongst others.

Since 2018, he lives in Maine-et-Loire, France.

Photo from a rehearsal for Venu et Parti – Jeremy Cox (in the center) for a moment in front rather than behind the camera.