Intergenerational groups and people over 60

Since 2002 von Stockert has had a particular interest in exploring creative concepts with people over 60 and intergenerational groups.

The artist’s work is inspired by issues of contemporary life and questions about place and identity, themes that resonate with people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. Together with the participants she re-imagines the familiar through a stimulating exploration of gesture, everyday movement and interactions between the human body and its surroundings: people, objects, architecture and landscape.

Von Stockert has a strong interest in the untrained body and the creative and unique physical potential of every person, integrating individual skills and abilities in her workshops. These workshops can accommodate but do not require any previous training or arts experience; more importantly, they feed off the participants’ life experience and curiosity.

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Photo credits left to right: Tim Garrod, Valentina Golfieri, Paul Harrison, Paul Harrison

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