Testimonial from Emma Vernon-Harcourt, Artistic Director Rounded Rhythm/ Dance INC.:

« Dance Inc had a wonderful experience working with Tilted on Belongings at the Brighton Festival in May 2016. Dance Inc is a youth dance company for young people of all abilities and disabilities. Many of the Dance Inc members have severe learning disabilities and/or complex needs. Because of the level of support they need, there are very few opportunities for young people with disabilities to take part in this type of activity. 

So first of all it was an amazing opportunity for our dancers to work with a professional company like Tilted, and to have the chance to perform alongside professional dancers and a large group of community performers. Tilted’s approach was truly inclusive. Our dancers were encouraged and celebrated and made to feel absolutely an equal and important part of the show. Tilted’s approach in the devising workshops was creative and responsive, enabling all the dancers to feel comfortable and able to express themselves. They loved the new challenge of creating movement with objects and the mention of ‘boxes’ and ‘birds’ brought excitement and smiles of recognition for some time after the show! They also experienced performing outside on the seafront in front of an audience of several hundred people. This was a huge achievement for many of the group.

Highlights included the warm-up sessions prior to the performances when the Dance Inc group was able to lead and share their own warm-up with the other dancers. And the curtain call on the beach with all the other performers gave everyone a huge sense of pride.

Although Tilted didn’t have prior experience of working with dancers with complex needs, they integrated the Dance Inc group with sensitive intuition and did everything they could to ensure the group’s needs were met. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to work with other inclusive groups. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. »