Christine Juteau trained in contemporary dance and theatre, working on a huge variety of projects over the past thirty years.

She is co-founder of Compagnie Robin & Juteau (now called PaZaPa) and co-directs the company since 1992. Since then, the company has put on a large number of shows for young children and young audiences. PaZaPa focuses largely on the relationship between sensory emotions and objects.

Christine Juteau obtained her diplôme d’état de professeur de Danse (option Danse Contemporaine) en 1993. She has a particular interest and many years of experience in working with people with mental and physical disabilities.

From September 2005 and June 2014, she was artistic co-director of the Centre Culturel de Loué (Sarthe) which was in charge of cultural dynamics and programming for the commune.

Most recently she has worked with Nathalie Bailleau, PaZaPa and joined Expérience 49 in 2022.

Photo of Christine Juteau with Eric Drye (to be presented in a future post!) from a rehearsal for Venu et Parti
Photo credit: Maresa von Stockert