Working in collaboration with leading dance universities and conservatoires, such as London Contemporary Dance School and Northern School of Contemporary Dance, the company has been a host for apprentices for many years, enabling young artists to gain professional experience of working as dance artists. The company has also supported apprentices interested in developing skills in arts management and producing as well as community participation.

In addition to choreographing on post-graduate performance companies, von Stockert has led workshop programmes for university students both with and without previous dance experience, nationally and internationally. Three examples:

  • Le Fourneau, Centre National des Arts de la Rue, Brest, France, invited von Stockert to lead a week-long workshop programme as part of the seminar “Arts et espace public”. The proposal was to research with students from different backgrounds of countries and study (such as architecture, fine arts, arts management, outdoor arts, etc.) creative approaches to one of the city’s main squares, Place de la Liberté in Brest. The workshop involved theoretical and practical explorations and also engaged with the wider public on site, resulting in a short film.
  • Von Stockert undertook research for her outdoor work Belonging(s) with under- and post-graduate students at London Contemporary Dance School working in depth with specific materials in relation to the human form and emotions.
  • Von Stockert led several workshops for students at the University of Suffolk offering an insight into her working methods. A group of students were also integrated as participants in her promenade piece Belonging(s) in Ipswich.

Photo credits left to right: Jeremy Cox

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