created 2014/15, on tour 2015 – 17


Performed by and created in collaboration with: 

Lee Carter,
Greige Cooke,
Anders Duckworth,
George Fellows,
Anca Huma,
Eeva Juutinen (apprentice),
Elena Lalucat,
Tuan Ly,
Aine Reynolds (apprentice),
Cecil Rowe,
Alessandro Sabatini,
Megan Saunders,
Devaraj Thimmaiah
and  Elisa Vassena.

Rehearsal Director & Participation Lead (2016): Megan Saunders

Rehearsal Director & Participation Lead (2017): Valentina Golfieri

Costume Design:  Libby Todd

Lighting Design at Le Citron Jaune, CNAR, Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, FR and DanceEast, Ipswich, UK:  Liam Fahey

Set Design:  a collaboration between

Maresa von Stockert, the performers and Libby Todd

Choreography, Direction & Concept:  Maresa von Stockert

Funders & Supporters:


With international support from: Atelier 231, Centre National des Arts de la Rue, Sotteville-lès-Rouen, FR; La Breche,Pole National des Arts du Cirque, Cherbourg, FR; Le Citron Jaune, Centre National des Arts de la Rue, Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, FR; Le Fourneau, Centre National des Arts de la Rue, Brest, FR.

With national support from: 101 – Outdoor Arts Creation Space, Newbury; Dance4, Nottingham; DanceEast, Ipswich.

BELONGING(s) is a site-responsive promenade piece that meanders through in- and outdoor spaces, encouraging the audience to see the familiar in new ways whilst subtly provoking thoughts on migration and the notion of belonging.

Performed by an international and intergenerational company of 9 dancers, the piece unfolds in three main scenes, each set in a different location. Combining contemporary dance and an integral use of objects and locality, the performers turn industrial, derelict and residential landscapes into illusionary worlds.  Led along the way from one site to the next, the audience encounters additional pop up performance vignettes and installations created with, and performed by people from the local community.

The piece is tailor-made to each place it tours to, influenced by its environment. In each city on tour, the work is adapted by Maresa von Stockert and her team of professional performers who come together with groups of local participants for a unique shared experience.

Running time: circa 75 – 90 minutes depending on locations

« the best UK outdoor show at Brighton Festival 2016 … with a level of ambition and emotional content that our audiences rarely experience in outdoor work.”
Andrew Comben, Chief Executive, Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival


« Tilted are without question one of the most interesting and accomplished companies to be working in the field of site-specific dance and physical performance. The quality of the choreography combined with the powerful use of physical location is remarkable. »
2017, Simon Chatterton, Head of Outdoor Arts, 101 Outdoors Arts Creation Space & New Greenham Arts
“BELONGING(s) was thought-provoking and inspiring.”
2016, Anne Le Goff, Director Atelier 231 and Viva Cité Festival
« Such a beautiful and inventive piece – also so moving. »
Bradley Hemmings, Artistic Director, Greenwich + Docklands International Festival
Top line photo credits left to right: Vipul Sangoi, Dibs McCallum, Vipul Sangoi, Dean Buckfield, Joe Barnstop

Bottom line photo credits left to right: Vipul Sangoi, Vipul Sangoi, Victor Frankowski, Joe Barnstop

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