Constructions of Thin Air

2017 – 18


Performed by and created in collaboration with:
Lee Carter
Anders Duckworth
George Fellows
Elena Lalucat
Tuan Ly
Aine Reynolds (apprentice)
Cecil Rowe
Devaraj Thimmaiah
Elisa Vassena

Choreography, Direction & ConceptMaresa von Stockert

Music: Aphex Twin, Nils Frahm, Tim Hecker, Library Tapes

Sound Design: Jeremy Cox and Maresa von Stockert

Costume Design:  Libby Todd

Lighting Design:  Lucy Hansom

Set Design:  a collaboration between
Maresa von Stockert, the performers and Libby Todd

Production Manager: Mat Ort

Company Technician: Genevieve Giron

General Manager & Workshop Leader: Megan Saunders

Producer: Elise Phillips

Tour Booking: Crying Out Loud

Funders and Supporters:

The creation process was supported by 101 Outdoor Arts/ Corn Exchange, Newbury and DanceEast, Ipswich


Constructions of Thin Air is Maresa von Stockert’s latest stage piece and evolved from her internationally acclaimed site-responsive promenade piece BELONGING(s) that toured Europe from 2015-17.

An intriguing choreography of bodies, objects and set, Constructions of Thin Air asks questions and provokes thoughts on the changing nature of home, identity and the systems we are embedded in.

Created with an international cast of nine dancers, ranging in age from early 20s to 60s, the piece unfolds in two acts:

Act 1 zooms in on an absurd system. It is a metaphor for any system – whether political, social, economical – that we belong to, depend on, struggle with or reject. The individual is reduced to a cog in a complex machinery that breaks down, leaving us in an ambiguous landscape between old and new, remnants and re-inventions, departures and arrivals.

In contrast, Act 2 is intimate and fragile – a reflection on the permanent de- and reconstruction of human relationships and existences. It lays bare the power of memories and their loss, as well as the inevitability of change.

Running time: 80 minutes including an interval.

“Constructions of Thin Air is a delicately structured work. Each act could theoretically stand alone but, shown together, they resonate profoundly together… a piece that is both powerful and poignant.” 
Rachel Elderkin, Exeunt Magazine


“The choreographic language and detail of the theatre have always made Maresa’s work stand out. It’s dance that communicates through the body and mind. “ 
Eddie Nixon, Director, The Place Theatre
“Von Stockert fabricates choreographic material as inventively as she does material objects. Interweaving metaphor and motion which convey subtle shades of meaning, her work avoids stagnation or sentimentality with its down to earth practicality and strong physical presences. Constructions of Thin Air evocatively suggests our relationship with the past, our own histories, memories and how we make sense of change.” 
Josephine Leask, Dancetabs
Top line photo credits from left to right: Chris Nash, Jeremy Cox, Chris Nash, Chris Nash

Bottom line photo credits from left to right: David Morris, David Morris, David Morris, Dean Buckfield

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