More Grim(m) Desires



Performed by and created with:
Ben Duke
Lise Manavit
Raquel Meseguer
Dimitris Papakyriazis
Roberta Pitrè
Laura Wheatley

Music and Sound Design: Jeremy Cox

Costume Design: Suzanne Holmes

Set Design: Ed King

Voiceover Artist: Russell Raisey

Lighting Design: Jonathan Samuels

Choreography, Concept & Text:  
Maresa von Stockert

Funders and Supporters:

Funded by Arts Council England and the Jerwood Charity. Supported by Birmingham DanceXchange and LABAN.


Letting the audience revisit long forgotten, dark corners of the memory,

More Grim[m] Desires exposes five well-known fairy tales and their underbelly of deeply rooted human instincts, fears and desires.

An adapted stage version of the site-specific Grim[m] Desires (link) that toured to theatres from February to May 2005.

Running time: 90 minutes (including 15 minute interval)

“Von Stockert has a deliciously skewed way of looking at the world, changing bedtime stories into vignettes of wit and brutality”’

Kelly Apter, The Scotsman, 19 April 2005

“There are so many amazing visual moments, such witty props and humorous touches, that it’s easy to take the choreography for granted. It is full of marvelous invention, mostly frisky and physically daring, but also sensual and surprisingly poignant.”

Mary Brennan, The Herald, 18 April 2005

“It deals with themes such as jealousy, fidelity, betrayal and envy… In other moments you’ll see women pick up their male companions up as if they were infants, made of thin air, switching from subversive to submissive characters throughout… a contemporary, fresh, enigmatic piece of dance for the stage!”

Holly Graham, Scottish Theatre Web, April 2005

“The prospect of an evening of fairy stories wasn’t enthralling, but that was before I knew about Maresa von Stockert, whose More Grim[m] Desires is a touring version of the site-specific show that was last year’s hit at Wapping Hydraulic Power Station…The very best thing about Stockert’s take on the fairy tales is that she renders them newly intriguing without distorting a detail in the telling.”

Jenny Gilbert, The Independent, 27 March 2005

Top and bottom line photo credits from left to right: Merlin Hendy

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