Nightmares in Black & Green



Performed by and created with:
Katryn Jackson
Francisco Monteagudo
Roberta Pitrè
Antoine Vereecken

Lighting Design: Helen Cain

Music and Sound Design: Jeremy Cox

Costume Design: Suzanne Holmes

Set Design: Ed King

Voiceover Artist: Russell Raisey

Choreography, Concept & Text:
Maresa von Stockert

Funders and Supporters:


The research for this piece was supported by The Place Choreodrome 2003.


Nightmares in Black & Green or An Unromantic Romance is a tragicomic account of everyday life eating its way into a relationship, followed by a chain reaction of unhappy circumstances that finally swallow love’s left-overs.

The stage piece toured theatres in the UK and internationally from October 2003 – May 2004

Running time: 25 minutes

“A second fun piece was Maresa von Stockert’s “Nightmares in Black and Green”. Afterwards I was amazed to realise that it lasted as long as 25 minutes, so packed is it with good jokes and intriguing movement. Constructing a story around suburban life, apples, a failed relationship and a blow-up sex doll is tough enough, but von Stockert combines this heady mix with a voice-over narrative, often a kiss-of-death for dance, and makes it all work. Roberta Pitrè’s solo on top of a kitchen table is full of invention and Antoine Vereecken’s duet with the doll is beautiful rather than merely comic.”
Stuart Sweeney, Ballet-Dance Magazine, March 2004
“The work … features two dancers (Francisco Monteagudo and Roberta Pitre) performing with a table, some roses, a blow up doll, lot’s of apples and the funniest dead pan spoken text you have ever heard (spoken by Russell Raisey). …”
Article 19, 2004

Top and bottom line photo credits from left to right: Merlin Hendy

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