Performed by and created with:

Amy Bell
Jacob Ingram-Dodd
Lise Manavit
Simon Palmer
Keir Patrick
Natalia Thorn
Phil Williams

Apprentices: Ruth Bruce, Daniel Walters

Music & Sound Design: Jeremy Cox

Costume Design: Suzie Holmes

Set Design: Jeremy Cox, Maresa von Stockert, Mark Williams

Lighting Design: Adrian Plaut

Choreography, Text, Direction & Set Design:
Maresa von Stockert

Funders and Supporters:

and Escalator East to Edinburgh.
Supported by Laban Theatre and Mercury Theatre Colchester.


Imagine a place where thoughts are overheard and dreams are monitored; where intimate letters get scanned and a warped sense of reality rules over reason. In our surveillance-obsessed times, TrAPPED explores notions of personal freedom.

Unfolding like a film, TrAPPED tells the stories of five characters in a Kafkaesque landscape.

Subtly, a commentary emerges on the CCTV-laden world of today and the bygone era of the German Democratic Republic.

A tragicomic world, both poetic and dark, is evoked through original music, spoken word, contemporary dance and object manipulation.

Previewed at the Mercury Theatre Colchester and the New Wolsey Ipswich, before touring in Spring and Autumn 2009 to theatres including: LABAN, London; Riley Theatre, Leeds; Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; Merlin Theatre, Frome; Lakeside Theatre, Nottingham; Lincoln Arts Centre; ARC Stockton-on-Tees; The Junction, Cambridge; The Place, London. And nine days of consecutive performances at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Running time: 75 minutes

“Von Stockert creates a wonderful atmosphere of menace, highlighting the absurdity of the world she invents… A true original.”
Judith Mackrell, The Guardian, August 2009


“A brilliantly physical political satire… Combining verse and dialogue with an intriguing soundscape…a clever, witty, politically provocative piece.”
Yorkshire Post, October 2009


“This is the type of contemporary dance that you can’t take your eyes off.”
Three Weeks Edinburgh Festival 2009
Top line photo credits from left to right: Merlin Hendy

Bottom line photo credits from left to right: Nuno Santos, Merlin Hendy, Nuno Santos, Nuno Santos

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