The months of October and November were busy with auditions, followed by three artistic residencies in Baugé en Anjou, each about a week long. The final of the residencies took place just in time before it got too cold to work on site  – an empty historical monument imbued with fragments of its rich past. 

It was a pleasure to be back working on site, testing new ideas for a variety of contexts combining contemporary dance, short film and visual art. The focus was on exploring initial ideas for the camera as well as experimenting with movement, gestures, and object installations.

Many thanks to the intergenerational group of eight performers who took part in these autumn residencies. Their open approach to take risks and explore the unfamiliar with me, was a great source of inspiration and catalyst for the imagination!

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Photo credit : Maresa von Stockert ; Dancers featured in the image from left to right : Elie Fico, Christine Juteau, Nigel Hollidge