Experiment 49 is currently presenting 20 photos of past works by Maresa von Stockert in Baugé-en-Anjou. The exhibition is spread out over the following eight town halls of the commune, each featuring a minimum of one to a maximum of five images:

Cheviré-le-Rouge (3 photos)
Clefs (3 photos)
Échemiré (2 photos)
Le Guédeniau (3 photos)
Le Vieil-Baugé (1 photo)
Saint-Martin-d’Arcé (2 photos)
Saint-Quentin-lès-Beaurepaire (1 photo)
Vaulandry (5 photos)

The photos are installed until the end of June. Please check the different opening times and address of each town hall before visiting via this link.

These mini-exhibitions accompany our current intergenerational workshop programme. The next workshop will take place on the 13th of April in Échemiré. For more information, click here.

Photo: One of the images of the exhibition featuring the performer Louise Tanoto in SEASAW. Photo credit: David Morris.

Many thanks to the commune of Baugé-en-Anjou for the support of this project.