Professional development with inter/national partners

Von Stockert has a track record of international collaboration and exchange. She has led and contributed to international professional development projects in various ways. Following are four examples:


  • Invited by Le Fourneau, Centre National des Arts de la Rue, Brest, France, von Stockert led a week-long workshop programme as part of the seminar “Arts et espace public”. Read more under collaboration with universities.
  • Von Stockert was nominated by Atelier 231, Centre National des Arts de la Rue, Sotteville-les-Rouen, France and supported by Norfolk and Norwich Festival, UK, to attend In Situ’s ‘Writing side by side’ seminar held in Prague. In Situ is a European network to support, encourage and promote artistic creation in public spaces. ‘Writing side by side’ was a series of seminars, presentations and discussions that provided practitioners from a range of artistic disciplines the opportunity to rethink and challenge creative practices together with international festival directors.
  • The company collaborated with a creative producer Jisun Park (Producer Group DOT & Asian Producers’ Platform) and the London-based arts organisation Crying Out Loud to bring South Korean artist Jinyeob Lee as an observer into von Stockert’s rehearsal process of her latest stage piece Constructions of Thin Air. This resulted in an informal exchange of ideas and working practices.
  • Von Stockert creates much of her work through international artistic residencies. For example, von Stockert’s long-term experimentation with weather-responsive creative processes was sparked at La Brèche, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque, Cherbourg, in 2013, where she had previously taken part in a European artistic laboratory. The creation of her outdoor work Fragile at La Brèche integrated contemporary circus artists, some of whom took part in the ensuing R&D project with dancers, actors and circus artists. Between 2014 and 2018, von Stockert’s research & creation processes of Belonging(s) continued to bring together professionals from diverse backgrounds in artistic residencies  at 101 Outdoor Arts, Newbury, UK; Atelier 231, Centre National des Arts de la Rue (CNAR), Sotteville-les-Rouen, France; DanceEast, Ipswich, UK; Le Fourneau, CNAR, Brest, France and Le Citron Jaune, CNAR, Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, France. Keen to work with large international arts organisations as well as rural partners and to broaden reach, the latest stage of von Stockert’s weather-responsive research was supported by an artistic residency at the mairie of Vaulandry, in Baugé en Anjou, France, in 2019.

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