Beyond the Seven Seas_

Beyond the Seven Seas

2003 – 2004

Credits : 

Performed by and created with:

Ben Duke
Katryn Jackson
Francisco Monteagudo
Roberta Pitrè
YunKyung Song
Antoine Vereecken

Lighting Design: Helen Cain

Music and Sound Design: Jeremy Cox

Costume Design: Suzanne Holmes

Set Design: Ed King 

Voiceover Artist: Russell Raisey 

Choreography, Concept & Text:
Maresa von Stockert

Funders and Supporters:


The research for this piece was funded by a Jerwood Award and supported by LABAN.

A Dance Theatre Quintet in the Wake of a Sinking Myth.

Beyond the Seven Seas is inspired by the Greek myth of the sirens and the strange suspension of life beneath and above the fluid surface.

The work evolved out of von Stockert’s research project Audiocaptive, which was linked to the Jerwood Award she received in 2002.

Beyond the Seven Seas toured as part of a double bill alongside von Stockert’s work Nightmares in Black & Green.

UK & International Tour: October 2003 – May 2004

Running time: 28 minutes

Photo credits left to right: Merlin Hendy

© Copyright 2023 Maresa von Stockert


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