Luciano Berio_

Luciano Berio Installation


Credits : 

Performed by and created in collaboration with:

Roberta Pitrè

Music: Luciano Berio

Berio Lounge Installation designed by Dody Nash

Listening Shell designed by Dody Nash and Julian Brown

Commissioned by the South Bank, London.

Royal Festival Hall, Clore Ballroom Installation

Commissioned by the South Bank, London, as part of an installation for the Luciano Berio Festival.

A major interactive installation celebrating Berio’s music, designed by Dody Nash at the Royal Festival Hall, with site-specific choreography by Maresa von Stockert in response to the installations in the Clore ballroom, Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London.

For von Stockert the piece marked the beginning of a series of works at the South Bank, London, where she later became  choreographer-in-residence in 2007.

Photo credits: Dody Nash, Dee Conway, Dee Conway, Dee Conway

© Copyright 2023 Maresa von Stockert


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septembre 20, 2003